Pacific Ridge School
Private MIddle and High School, Carlsbad CA
Work in this section represents a sample of what was created while handling all of Pacific Ridge's marketing communications, from brand strategy, to brand development, to creative direction, content writing, graphic design, through final production.
Print and interactive deliverables included: Identity, naming and tagline creation, advertising, web, direct mail, collateral, videos, e-marketing.

Logo & Identity Development


Admissions collateral, sample spread

Print ad campaign

School Mascot Logo

Spiritwear Team Specific Logos

Development: Capital Campaign Identities

Development: Capital Campaign Video

Event Brochure

Admissions Direct Mailer, Fold-Out

Admissions Direct Mail Campaign, Postcard Series

Alumni Lapel Pin & Defining Moments Campaign Identity

Admissions: Video Series (Arts, Athletics, Harkness Learning)

Development: Annual Fund Direct Mailer